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  • Administrative or managerial issues

    Gordon Stankowski, General Manager; 707-447-8420; gm@rnvwd.com

    Assistance with bill paying

    Brenda Kane, Billing Manager; 707-689-7971; bkrnvwd@aol.com

    Special assessment balances

    NBS; 800-676-7516

    System operational issues and questions

    Solano Irrigation District (SID); 707-448-6847

  • Contact the Board of Directors

    Board President, Chris Calvert; 707-447-4389 (12/2013- 12/2017)

    Board Vice-President, Robert Whitehouse; 707-448-0723 (2015-2019)

    Director, Michael Bianco; 707-486-7997 (2015-2019)

    Director, Jim Mortensen; 707-446-9148 (2/2016-2017)

    Secretary, Douglas S. Thomson;  707-446-9283 (10/2015 to 2017)

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